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2016/2015 Clients

Western Governors' Association

WGA is an instrument of the Governors to formulate bipartisan, consensus-based policy positions and to realize those policies through strategic advocacy and implementation.

Sierra Nevada Corporation

Sierra Nevada Corporation builds high tech, multi-mission single-engine, fixed wing aircraft that can be used in a variety of roles for fighting and managing wildfires.


SituationAnalyst (SA) is the fastest growing fire management software for fire departments and wildfire agencies, giving firefighters complete situational awareness. 

Columbia Helicopters

The world leader in commercial heavy-lift helicopter operations, Columbia Helicopters has two CH 47Ds equipped with 2,800 gallon capacity Simplex internal tanking for dropping water and retardant.

Geltech Solutions

Patent-pending FireIce, a non-toxic fire gel, offers cutting edge fire suppression technology. FireIce offers superior suppression for aerial firefighting, and contains no harmful or corrosive chemicals for use near water, and in sensitive species habitat.